A Time Alone - Children's Storybook

This is a children's story written to encourage fantasy and visualization and illustrated with photographs of Calvert's award-winning leather dolls.

"I sit here amist the tranquility of the mountains and the forests of Northern Idaho. Our 27 acre homestead is bordered on two sides by Kaniksu National Forest. There are no neighbors witin sight. My husband and I are self-employed, working at home with our two small children. We cut our own wood for heat and raise the majority of our own food."

"However, despite the peaceful secluded life-style, I still find times when I feel a need to get away for A Time Alone. Solitude is definitely a nutrient for me. Solitude creates the space for me to heal, to worship, and to dream."

Vivid visualization techniques are a key factor in the ability to reach our goals and playful daydreaming is a good way to practice this skill. Not only recognizing, but supporting the benefits of solitude is one of the things Calvert tried to teach her children. Amidst a society that stresses stimulation - pre-school, T.V., computer games, after-school extra-cirricular activities, and more - we need to teach our children the importance of A Time Alone, a time to visualize their personal dreams.

Calvert wrote and illustrated this as an introduction to recognizing this spiritual need for the very young. But, it is also a reminder to us adults, immersed in our busy days, that we all need A Time Alone.

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Free E-book illustrated with Calvert's award-winning leather dolls

A Time Alone - Children's Storybook by Cheri Calvert